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Be Known

  • Be Known

    Small class sizes let our teachers instruct each student at his or her level.

    Esperanza Prep is a school unlike any other. It is a small school with 180 students. Class sizes are no more than 20 students to ensure that every student receives individual attention from their teachers. All students find peace and success at Esperanza!

Be Included

  • Be Included

    All of our students feel welcome, safe, and accepted for who they are.

     Every student at Esperanza Prep has an individual learning plan. The plan ensures that students are taught and supported based on their individual needs. Not the needs of a large group.

Be Loved

  • Be Loved

    Every staff member believes our students deserve to feel loved at school.

    Staff members are committed to having respectful and caring relationships with every student. Children succeed when they feel cared for!